Life in Quarantine

"Because of the Pandemic Quarantine, the amount of our in person visitors at the gallery had to be cut down. Thankfully we were able to provide an alternative, online virtual tours, this enables us to continue our scheduled gallery exhibitions. (We have decided to continue doing the virtual tours as an additional option for future exhibitions) However, with all of the down time I got to focus more on my art. Specifically my wood cutouts. Bringing my signature style to life in a 3 dimensional way is something I always want to explore and the Covid downtime enabled me to do exactly that! Luckily, my own art studio is located in the same building as The HouskaGallery art gallery. (I do live and work all in the same building now) I have owned the building almost 22 years, though for a few years, while rehabbing another property, I did rent out the gallery portion, to The Atrium Gallery." - Charles Houska




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